IT organizations face very unique challenges that are inherent when seeking to deliver dynamic and responsive IT solutions to meet business needs. Our fast-changing information technology environment is a constantly evolving landscape of technology demands requiring the ability to deliver solutions at the pace of business, on time and within budget. This is where Empire PMO and our Project Management as a Service offering (PMaaS) provides a valuable tool for IT organizations to keep up with the constant flow of technology delivery needs from a project perspective. Empire PMO works with our clients to identify, mitigate and solve the common project delivery issues across several domains from IT to commercial construction.

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Mitigate common risks in your project execution strategy with Empire PMO PMaaS services:

Work Stoppage – One of the biggest challenges to IT delivery is work stoppages. These stoppages are an inevitable part of the business for various reasons. Our clients utilize our project and program management services (PMaaS and PPMaaS) to provide on-demand project leadership resources to keep the project and program on track.

Resource On-boarding Overhead – Significant amounts of time and effort are spent in the talent search and on-boarding process. Our clients are able to mitigate or eliminate this issue by utilizing Empire PMO as a resource for staff augmentation and talent search services. This allows our clients’ limited resources to stay focused on service delivery and revenue generating activities.

Business Continuity Disruption – Changes in the business landscape are inevitable, this includes the movement of resources assigned to project leadership roles. Businesses employ the PMaaS project management model to mitigate these risks to productivity by leveraging our pool of talented qualified professionals. Empire PMO ensures your business is insulated from common issues of knowledge transfer and lack of documentation in the event of the loss of human resource assets.