Professional Services

At Empire PMO we embrace the opportunity to work with our clients to realize their organizational goals via the successful delivery of business projects. However, we understand that Project Management as a Service may not be the appropriate solution for every project staffing need. With this in mind, we offer professional services to assist customers by offering several a la carte engagements to help them improve their project management office operations.

Empire PMO Professional Services:

  • Talent Acquisition Services
  • Project Management Office Assessments
  • Project Management Office Audits
Professional Services

Professional Services

Talent Acquisition

One of the main issues we have heard clients express frustration with centers around the difficulty in finding qualified project management talent. Business leaders often cite the long path to finding candidates being wrought with stacks of resumes to review and long ramp up times once a resource is identified. In order to assist clients we’ve created a talent acquisition service to help narrow the field more quickly by employing our collective knowledge of project management. Empire PMO is a company started by project managers who have a passion for the successful delivery of projects that meet our clients’ business objectives. First and foremost we are project managers and not just a staffing company. We utilize our in depth knowledge of the expectations of project managers to assist our customers in locating the right candidate for their organization.

Project Management Office Assessments

A number of our clients often aren’t sure if they are appropriately staffed to manage the initiatives on their project road map. Others simply need consultative advice on best practices and training for their current staff project managers. You can look to Empire PMO to provide an objective assessment of your current project management operations and tools to find opportunities for improvement. Additionally, Empire PMO provides workshops where we work with project managers and resource managers to detail standard project management operations and to showcase the value-add that the partnership between your PMO and resource managers have to overall organizational goals. For decision makers, these objective assessments provide them with the information to manage resource capacity and ensure knowledge growth within the PMO organization.

Project Management Office Auditing

Business organizations spend a significant amount of time planning the policies, procedures and functional operations that govern their projects, programs and portfolios. However, at the speed of business it is easy to loose track of measuring the effectiveness and compliance of these overarching governance initiatives. Moreover, the resource constraints associated with actually delivering projects conflicts with the time it takes to review and manage compliance issues. Empire PMO can assist your organization with an audit of both completed and in-flight projects to ensure that policies set forth by your governance organizations are applied in practice. These types of audits are critical to providing the additional detail needed to include in your portfolio risk assessments and to apply to your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluations.