Program Management | PgMaaS

In the fast-paced and changing business environment Empire PMO understands that business goals and initiatives can change in the blink of an eye. Frequent changes in the business climate, competition or regulatory environments shift financial allocations from one business priority to another on a regular basis. These shifts in business priority often put stakeholders and delivery managers in the difficult situation where existing projects become loosely associated and controlled. The Empire PMO PgMaaS service will allow your business to quickly engage professional services to analyze, road map and develop budget forecasts for your updated priorities. Additionally, you can look to our Program Management as a service -PgMaaS service as an on-demand program management office to retain ongoing ownership of frequently recurring large-scale projects such as enterprise security updates, hardware refresh, site moves and acquisitions integrations.

Examples of PgMaaS service offerings:

  • Program Budget Analysis
  • Budgetary Forecasting and Reconciliation
  • Network Infrastructure Program Management
  • Enterprise Program Analysis and Road Mapping
  • Server Hardware Life Cycle Management
  • Server Remediation and Life Cycle Management